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Instincts and Conscience

"Straight ahead," Not to delay or be misled

Instincts and Conscience
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A community dedicated to Jiminy Cricket/Archie and Red Riding Hood/Ruby from ABC's Once Upon A Time.

Let your conscience and the path be your guide...

A community dedicated to Jiminy Cricket (Doctor Archie Hopper) and Red Riding Hood (Ruby Lucas) from ABC's series "Once Upon A Time".
Welcome to guiding_path, a community dedicated to Jiminy Cricket and Red Riding Hood, and their alteregos. Everyone is welcome to join and share fanworks of all kinds (writing, graphics, etc) About Us
1.Ratings are allowed as long as it is noted before the cut.
2.All fanfiction should be behind the cut except for the title, rating, summary, and disclaimer.
3.Any images, interviews, videos, or articles that contain spoilers for future unaired episodes must be under a cut.

-That includes Icons, banners,and graphics that contain spoilers as well! Please leave them behind a cut

4.Please be respectful towards others.
5.Any members who would like to promote a community can but it has to be related to OUAT.
6.Please Tag all posts!!

Rules based on abc_ouat


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